Medical Pump


Sales points

1. could use all brands through calibration (default setting is Terumo), syringes including 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml. . 


2. KVO (Keep Vein Open) function. After finish setting infusion amount, for prevent to form thrombus, keep to infusion at the lowest rate 0.1ml/h.  


3. Bolus (Quick Infuse) function.  


4. Purge (Evacuate Bubble) function.


5. The bright & large LED screen could be clear seen far from 10 meters.


6. The battery can be used continuously for 5 hours after full charged. 


7. Power Switching Function.




Dimensions (mm)



about 3Kg

Power supply

AC90-242V 47-63HZ

Built-in battery

DC 12V 1300mAh

Battery Model


Battery Continuous

Use Time

Above 6hrs

Power consumption


Infusion Flow Selection

0.1ml/h~599.9ml/h, original value is 0.1ml/h

Infusion Range

0.1ml~999.9ml, original value is 0.1ml

Flow Rate Precision

±3%(50ml/h Flow Rate 599.9ml/h)

Occlusion Pressure


Use Environment

Temperature 5~43

Relative Humidity 90%RH (Under without condensation status)

Atmospheric Pressure 860hPa~1060hPa


Use Environment

Temperature 5~43

Relative Humidity 90%RH (Under without condensation status)

Atmospheric Pressure 860hPa~1060hPa

Storage Environment      

Temperature -40~+55

Relative Humidity 95%RH (Under without condensation status)

Atmospheric Pressure 860hPa~1060hPa

Waterproof Level

IPX1 (drip-proof)

Electric Shock Protection

Class I, Type BF

Flow Rate Precision



self-test, occlusion, nearly finish, finish, low battery, 

battery exhausted, standby (no operation), move 

(including syringe drop, wrong fastening of syringe, shift 

of syringe)


Basic Function

Automatically detect syringe type, indicate total 

infusion volume, indicate flow rate, indicate power 

supply, standby automatic alarm and KVO functions.



Special Function

KVO (Keep Vein Open)

After finishing predetermined infusion volume, to prevent 

the formation of thrombus, continue infusion with preset

minimum rate  (0.1 ml/h).


Power Supply Switching 


When the AC power supply is off, it will automatically switch

to built-in battery power supply and prompt at the same 

time. When AC is switched on, it is automatically converted 

back to AC supply.


Repeat Alarm Function

After the operator presses the “SILENCE” key, if the reason 

causing the alarm has be untreated for 2 minutes, the alarm 

will sound again to alert the operator to solve the problem.


Battery Protection


In order to protect the battery and ensure infusion safety,

there are different levels of acousto-optic prompts 

when the electric quantity of the battery is changing from 

close to depletion to almost depleted.



 Sun-502 Syringe Pump's Advantages

1. Our syringe pump could use all brands through calibration
2. Auto-recognize the syringe size: 10, 20, 30, 50ml.
3. Available for adjust alarm volume (3 levels), standby alarm delay time (1-9min), nearly finish alarm interval (0-3min).
4. Power Switching Function:When AC power is disconnected, automatically switch into battery power supply and give indication. When the AC power is connected, automatically switch into AC power working.
5. Repeat Alarm Function: If the alarm real reason is not be resolved within 2 minutes after press “SILENCE” button, it will give alarm again to remind to resolve the problem.
6. Battery Protection Alarm: For protect battery and safety infusion, the battery power will be displayed as different levels in sound and light from nearly finish to exhausted.
7. Double confirmation function when flow rate≥300ml/h, make safer and avoid misoperation.
8 The data can be cleared, make safer.
9. Lock the control panel during infusion, make safer.
10 For avoid misoperation, press “POWER” for 3 seconds to close the pump.
11. Able to set flow rate by single digit, tens digit and hundreds digit separately, not need to increase from single digit.
12. KVO (Keep Vein Open) function. After finish setting infusion amount, for prevent to form thrombus, keep to infusion at the lowest rate 0.1ml/h.
13. Bolus (Quick Infuse) function.
14. Purge (Evacuate Bubble) function.
15. Press "mL", real-time display infused volume.
16. The bright & large LED screen could be clear seen far from 10 meters.
17. The battery can be used continuously for 5 hours after full charged.
18. Equip with special adjustable-pitch fixed bracket. It could adjust the pump on 45℃ angle or other angle for easy watching.
19. The chip in syringe pump is be processed by ourselves on SMT machine production line instead of by manual work, as weld every point by hand.
20. CPU control, stable function, high reliability.

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