Medical Pump



Dimensions (mm)



about 1.8kg

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

≤90%RH (Under without condensation status)

Power supply

AC 90V~AC 242V, 50HZ

Built-in battery

DC 12V 1800mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery, the battery can be 

used continuously for 2 hours after full charged (24hours) under 

25ml/h flow rate.

Atmospheric pressure


Storage temperature


Storage humidity


Power consumption


Flow rate options

1ml/h~1200ml/h, in 1ml/h increment

Infusion total amount 


1ml~9999ml, in 1ml increment

Occlusion pressure level

High:  825mmHg ± 150 mmHg (110kPa±20kPa)

Middle:600mmHg ± 225mmHg (80kPa±30kPa)

Low:  450mmHg ± 150 mmHg (60kPa±20kPa)

Flow rate error



occlusion, finish, low battery, standby (no operation), air in line, 

door open, motor troubles, AC power disconnected, starting up by 



self-test, infusion amount setting, flow rate and

infused volume display, power indication, safe flow

rate limit, data preserves, KVO (Keep Vein Open)





Sun-902 Infusion Pump's Advantages


1. Available all brand of the standards IV sets, the pump has 120 levels adjustment to keep high


2. Three levels occlusion pressure adjustment.
3. The accurate ultrasonic bubble detector detects the bubble intelligent, safe and reliable.
4. Double confirmation function when flow rate≥300ml/h, make safer and avoid misoperation.
5. Anti-reverse function on motor to avoid upstream, make safer for patient during infusion.
6. When the pipe broken, the medicine liquid will not into the pump.

7. Adopts imported main spare parts: Japan Toshiba driver module, USA ATMEL and Japan NEC

chip, good anti-interference function.

8. Auto-lock control panel during infusion, to avoid misoperation.

9. Able to set flow rate by single digit, tens digit and hundreds digit separately, not need to increase 

from single digit.

10. The bright & large LED screen could be clear seen far from 10 meters.
11. The transparent window in door could see infuse status.
12. Real-time display infused volume.
13. The light in the side of the door is convenient to operate in the nigh
14. KVO (Keep Vein Open) function
15. Bolus (Quick Infuse) function
16. Purge (Evacuate Bubble) function
17. Multi-alarm, make safer.
18. Portable, light weight only 1.8KG.
19. Easy to change the battery, only open the battery cover.
20. Good circuit design, consumption≤10VA.
21. Suit for large range voltage up and down.

22. The chip in syringe pump is be processed by ourselves on SMT machine production line instead

of by manual work, as weld every point by hand.

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