Pulse Oximeter

 Best selling hearlth care CE FDA approved finger pulse oximeter with beep sound alarm 

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Can measure SPO2, PR accurately.

SPO2 and PR display, PR waveform and barograph display

4 ways display


Automatic Switch OFF feature.


Real-time SpO2 waveform.SpO2 and Pulse Rate numeric display and plethysmograph


Screen: Color OLED Screen(Sun-50N/50S/50N)

Color LED Screen(Sun-50A)

SpO2: Measurement range:35% ~100%


Accuracy:2%(70% ~ 99%)

Pulse Rate: Measurement rangge:30bpm ~ 250bpm


Accuracy:±1% or 1bpm

Power supply: D.C. 3.0V (2 × AAA alkaline batteries)


Working current: 20mA ~ 130Ma


Battery life: Not less than 20 hours

Weight:50g (including batteries)

Operating Environment Requirements:

Temperature: 5-40CAmbient humidity:≤93%(no condensation)

Atmosphere pressure: 86-106 kPa

Storage, transportation condition: Temperature:(-20~55)

Ambient humidity:≤93%(no condensation)

Atmosphere pressure:(50~106)kPa

ISO13485 and CE approval.



Alarm setting function

BB voice

Better accuracy even at low perfusion lower than 0.1%

(Remark:Low prefusion refers to the measurement under the state of low prefusion, it refers to when people in bad physical condition or poor external environmental condition, under the poor blood circulation, the low signal that can be measured from the finger, normally below 0.3% , the pulse oximeter on the market cannot measure it.)








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