Sunbright pushed two models patient monitors with advanced appearance , abudant functions , but nearly half of the normal prices. We are expecting to your orders.

Sun-500K multi-parameter monitor can be used for monitoring of parameters of ECG, RESP, SPO2, dual-TEMP,NIBP, HR/PR


Advanced Medical Equipment Handheld Infant/Emergency Patient Monitor


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Sun-500K multi-parameter monitor can be used for monitoring of parameters of ECG, RESP, SPO2, dual-TEMP,NIBP, HR/PR



1.just weighs 1.3kg with li-battery. Lightweight and portable, it provides bedside monitoring and allows easy patient transport.

2.Standard parameters of ECG, RESP, SPO2, dual-TEMP,NIBP, HR/PR

3. It comes with a 7inch color LCD display

4. Accessories for adult, neonatal and pediatric patients are available.

5. The multi-parameter monitor provides three levels of visual and audible alarms with individual alarm system.

6. Maximum 96 hours trend graphs enable nearly all parameters and trends to be listed.

7. Can store up to 400 groups of NIBP data.With the functions of screen freeze.

8. Different mounting solutions are available, such as wall mounting, rolling stand mounting

9. Network capacity with central monitoring station is optional.

10. Three monitoring mode: monitoring, operation, diagnosis

11. ST segment analysis and drug calculation




Technical specifications

 Product model

Product specification

Sun-500K    SUN-500KC

Dimension of appearance


Dimension of packing



NW:2.8kg(including accessory 0.7kg )    (GW):3.5 kg

Display screen

SUN-500K: 7”LCD

SUN-500KC: LED+3.5”LCD




Fuse specification



Type of battery

Lithium battery 11.1V/2.2Ah

Lithium battery  11.1V/2.2Ah

Recharge time(up to the time of 90% electric quantity)

≥4 (hours)

≥4 hours

Work time  

3 hours

 3 hours

Motoring of physiological parameters

ECG,HR,NIBP,SPO2,PR,Dual-TEMP,RESP,CO2 / EtCO2 is optional


Display interface

Standard interface,trend coexistence interface,oxyCRG interface

LED display physiological parameters,3.5” TFT display ECG,waveform of SPO2 or waveform of RESP

Standard of configuration

European standard of five lead ECG cable, adult cuff, adult blood oxygen probe, body surface probe, Coelom probe

European standard of five lead ECG cable, adult cuff, adult blood oxygen probe, body surface probe

Functions and features

1.Light and portable, convenient for carry.

2.High definition LCD real-time display the waveform of ECG and SPO2.(or waveform of RESP) one-chosen display. The type of 7 inch screen also display the waveform of CO2 for optional.

3.With high precision measurement device for NIBP and SPO2.

4.Encoder technology, English operation interface, more convenient for physician’s operation.

5.With the functions of screen freeze and storage setting.

6.With the functions of BP data review, alarm happening playback, trend graph and trend chart of all parameters review;(The type of nixie tube without the functions of alarm events and trend Graph.

7.Can store 400 groups measuring BP data, 96-hour trend chart and trend graph data.

8.Tree levels alarm setting, digital volume adjustment.

9.Alarm indication, charging indicator, AC power indicator.

With the functions of sound and light dual-alarm, suffocation alarm, lead off alarm, over-limit alarm and so on.

10.nner charge battery, it can also works continuously when the AC power disconnection.

11.Optional inner recorder, can real-time record or parameter alarm record for the waveform output, data and so on.

12.Unique anti-electrosurgical unit, can prevent from defibrillation effect.

13.External up-date program can be realized.

14.Many sets of monitors can form central monitoring network with central monitoring system.

Extended function

12v DC power supply, internet access

12v DC power supply, WIFI transfer, internet access




General parameters

Application occasion

Widely used in hospital outpatient department, ward (such as high dependency ward , coronary care unit, neonatal intensive care unit, operating room and general wards of each departments) and ambulance ect.

Suitable people

Adult, children, infant (BP parameters only apply to adult.)

Security classification

Class I, with inner power device.

Applied parts

 BF type  CF TYPE

 Operation mode

 Continuous operation

Product structure

portable type

Power supply

 AC 110V~230V±10% 50Hz/60Hz±2%

Network interface


Work environment


Transport and storage environment


Relative humidity:≤85%

Relative humidity:≤95%

Atmospheric pressure:700~1060hpa

Atmospheric pressure:500~1060hpa




measurement range

not less than 0~260mmHg

resolution ratio



mmHg, Kpa

pressure sensor accuracy


alarm range

not less than up limit and down limit


alarm indicator

audio alarm, BP parameter



SpO2  measurement range




alarm range

not less than 35~100%

alarm indicator

audio and visual , SPO2 parameter


PR  measurement range


25~255 bpm


data up-date cycle



measurement range


Test precision


alarm range

Not less than 0~100time/min

alarm indicator

audio and visual , RESP

Parameter flicker




measurement  range

not less than 20.0~50.0

Test precision

≤±0.2   less than ±0.2

alarm range

not less than up limit and down

Limit 20.0~50.0 

alarm indicator

audio and visual alarm, TEMP

 Parameter flicker

minimum measurement time

≤100sless than 100s

CO2 (Option)

collection method


collection gas flow rate and range


CO2 measure range


CO2 test precision

error less than +/- 2mmHg,when

CO2 concentration less than 5.0%(@BTPS)(under standard

Atmosphere 1%=7.6mmHg)

measurement error is not more than 5.0%,

When CO2 concentration more than 5.0%.

alarm range

not less than up and down


alarm resolution ratio


resolution ratio 

0.1mmHg(0 - 69mmHg),0.25mmHg(70-150mmHg)

initialization time

CO2 waveform is displayed in 10s,all the parameters will display within 6 minutes under 23


this monitor automatic give pressure compensation

system total response time

less than 4s

Measurement  drifting of accuracy

≤2mmHg less than 2mmHg


alarm level

  high, medium , low

alarm type

  technical alarm, physiology alarm

alarm method

audio, indicator, prompt message, parameter flicker

alarm delay

≤0.5s  less than 0.5s

sound pressure




thermosensitive  dot matrix

record method

thermosensitive paper

recorder paper width


paper specification

diameter 40mm/roll

record content

waveform, words

record tracking

2 channel





Standard configuration

1) Main unit

2) Temperature probe (1 PC)

3) Reusable Spo2 sensor (1 PC)

4) ECG Cable and Leadwire (1 PC)

5) NIBP cuff and tube (1 PC)

6) Build-in Rechargable lithium battery (1 PC)

7) Power line( 1 PC)

8) User Manual

9) ETCO2/CO2(Optional)

10) Build-in Printer(Optional) 



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