System Description

The Sun-USB Rectal is an ergonomically designed portable and ease-of-use pocket ultrasound system for multi-specialty uses, together with an Windows system computer, laptop or Android smart phone, tablet is specifically designed for bovine ultrasound examinations. The extremely light weight and power efficiency makes it very helpful in cow pregnancy diagnoses.

It is intended for use in Vet/Pet clinic, Farm, Animal Hospital, ICU, etc.


6 MHz 64mm linear rectal probe (4.0~8.0 MHz)


82 Element probe

Standard Type-C USB connector

Power consumption < 1.6W

Full synthetic aperture beamformer

Pulse-inversion harmonic imaging

System scanning depth

Minimum: 2cm 

Maximum: 10cm

Gray scale level: 256

Frame rate: 15 FPS

Digital beamforming channels: 64

System ADC: 12 Bit

Imaging mode: B-Mode

Adaptive speckle reduction imaging

Wide frequency bandwidth probes

Flexible display modes: vertical and horizontal

Cine review: 100 frames

Maps: 8 gray maps and 8 tint maps

Measure:Distance, Area, Volume

Annotations: Text, Arrow, Ellipse, Rectangle

Computer, laptop, Tablet/Phone Requirements

OS: Android

Processor: better than Snapdragon 820

Port: Type-C, USB 2.0

OpenCL 1.2 support


Size Weight:

NW: 320g

Volume size: 34 * 18 * 6 cm

Probe size: 64mm

Arrange: 2-10cm

Storage & Transportation Environment:

Ambient temperature: -20~55 deg

Relative humidity: <95%

Atmospheric pressure: 700 hPa~1060 hPa

Transducer Types & Scanning Methods:

Transducer Types

1.Linear array transducer

2.Convex array transducer

3.Phased array transducer(coming soon)

Scanning Methods 

1.Electronic linear 

2.Electronic convex 

3.Electronic sector

Android System:

Huawei P10, Honor 9, Mate 9...

Samsung S8, S9, Note8...

LG:V20, G6...


OS≥windows 8.1, CPU≥Intel CoreM
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