Dr. Orens come to be trained from Africa Dr. Orens come to be trained from Africa, he is a real Chinese gentleman,  he loves China very much and had studied in China for more than 8 years.   ...
The third tender in June  The third tender in June, tomorrow could be delivered, yahoo!   ... 2017-06-15
The medal  The medal of exclusive distributor after hard work between both parties     ... 2017-06-15
Laptop ultrasound Sun-806H with best cost performance  Ultrasonic Devices Type Notebook/Laptop/Portable Echo Ultrasound Price SUN-806H    ... 2017-06-15
15 Inches laptop ultrasound with the best cost performance  Product Description SUN-800C CE approved Portable Ultrasound Machine/mini Laptop Ultrasound scanner ... 2017-06-05
CW Color Doppler Sun-906E   Appearance -Smart, compact and clamshell design -12 inch LED monitor -Backlit operation panel, 8TGC... 2017-05-09
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